How England formed us

Saturday 26th of September

Our trip started early in the morning as we had to pack our luggage. We were very excited about our first experience with the English culture. We met up in the afternoon at Vienna International Airport and it became closer and closer to the time where we had to say goodbye to our parents. Now Ms. Schönhart and Mr. Wanka had the responsibility of us. We were in good hands.

We were minutes away from the start to fly to London. Thankfully when we arrived at Heathrow Airport the weather was better than we had expected. The next stop was Seaford where our host families were waiting for us. Everyone was a little bit nervous as to which family they would be brought in by. Everyone had their own way to cope with their nerves. Most of us listened to music in order to calm down a little bit. Finally we arrived in Seaford and our host families picked us up by car. There is no a better way to finish the day with English tea.

Sunday 27th of September

The next day was not as stressful as the first. We started the day with a typical English breakfast, which gave us a lot of energy! We were really looking forward to be in London for the first time. We visited famous sights as Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster. As much we loved London there was still a long way back home to Seaford. In England everyone was in rugby fever as the rugby world cup had begun. Before we went to bed we watched a rugby game with our host father.

Monday 28th of September

Today was our first school day, we felt like little kids again with our lunch and everyone shared theirs with each other. Unfortunately, we had to go on a boring Seaford tour. As this was an exhausting part of the day, we had the chance to recover at the beach afterwards.

Tuesday 29th of September

At 8:40 in the morning, we waited at the bus station for the bus-driver. Beachy Head in Eastbourne was on the plan for today, our teachers had prepared us for the trip with important information. We had an incredible view over the sea and the white cliffs.

Wednesday 30th of September

We met at the train station in Seaford. We had to find the way to the train station on our own, a hurdle that we had to overcome! We went to London for the last time, there was huge excitement in our eyes but also sadness. We had some time to do some shopping before we walked through the streets and went on a sightseeing tour. We managed to visit Tower Bridge, surrounded by lovely weather and a beautiful view. The day could not have been much better. Unluckily we did not have any more time left because we had to go back to Victoria station and catch the train back home.

Thursday 1st of October

Great anticipation!
We played cricket for the first time, none of us really knew much about it. Mark, the H2 College assistant, tried to explain the rules to us in the easiest way possible. We had perfect conditions for a nice cricket afternoon. We got a better understanding of the game and how long a match lasts. It was really astonishing that everyone discovered a love for the game and really tried to win the game. After we finished playing, dinner was already waiting for us at our host families.

Friday 2nd of October

The last day of school had arrived and the weather could not have been better to finish the week with. After lessons we all received a certificate, before the teachers announced the student of the week.

Next stop Brighton, or London by the sea, as they call it.
The last opportunity to do some shopping for last minute souvenirs.

Saturday 3rd of October

We left England with joy in our hearts but also a tear in our eye, but the happiness will outweigh when we will look back at all these beautiful moments we have experienced together.